Tuesday, February 23, 2016

What Size Wrap Do I Need?!?

What size wrap do I NEED!?
The last words of a parent embarking on a journey down what I like to call the infamous rabbit hole! Theoretically you only NEED one of your base size to wrap but how quickly it becomes now I NEED a shorter wraps for errands and I NEED this blend in a long wrap, no wait I NEED this blend in a shorty and I NEED that blend in a long wrap… you see where this is going, right!?
Regardless, when you start looking at wrapping, the options are overwhelming, at best and make you want to quit before you even start, at worst! So let me break this down for you so at least you sorta have, maybe an idea of what you want.
Sizes Range from 1-8, 1’s and 8’s are generally more rare and harder to find, although I am seeing a lot more of both of them being offered from retailers. 2-4 are considered shorty’s and 5-7 are called base sizes. 
Sizing is just a reference to the length of a wrap which dictates what carries you can do. Most importantly is your base size as this is what is encouraged to get when you are first learning. Base sizes are generally chosen from your size: most caregivers use a size 6 wrap, for caregivers under 130 a size 5 is suggested and for caregivers over 180 a size 7 is suggested. Really petite caregivers can use a 4. I would also like to note that as a beginner you want to end up with too much wrap i.e. leftover tail, instead of not enough and eventually you will notice you wrap getting “longer” which really means you are getting good at tightening when wrapping and there is less slack in your passes! I generally take this a good sign to try other carries or another size if you are curious about such options.  As an example: I am 5’3 and weigh about 135 and my base is a 5.
I would like to also note that size used and carries you are able to do with a child will change over time as they become bigger and more wrap is needed. For example, I stated earlier my base is a 5 however; my wrapee is 2.5, weighing 35 pounds and he is short, so he is very round ;) I have found in the last 6ish months that I prefer 7’s for longer carries (fancy finishes and all) and 4’s for my shorty carries. Here is a quick cheat sheet for sizing and capabilities based off of an average woman.
Wrap Size
Size 1
2.0-2.5 meters
Rebozo Carry
Size 2
2.6-2.7 meters
Rebozo & Super Short Carries
Size 3
3.1-3.2 meters
Shorty Carries
Size 4
3.6-3.7 meters
Petite Base Size or Short Carries
Size 5
4.1-4.2 meters
Small Base Size
Size 6
4.6-4.7 meters
Average Base Size
Size 7
5.1-5.2 meters
Plus Base Size
Size 8
5.5-6.0 meters
Long Carries & Fancy Finishes

Babywearing 102 is a Facebook group and an awesome resource for beginner wrappers. The information they have in their files is priceless. They have even have an extremely detailed document specifically about wrap size and carries you are able to do for petite, average, and larger women. If you would like to check it out, simply request to join the group and then look for the document in the files section or come back here and click on this link.

Feel free to ask any and all questions in our Facebook group or to pm me (Kelli - single mom to one crazy 2.5 year old little boy name Charles and BWI Charlotte resident wrapping guru)! Also, stay tuned for my next blog where I address how to buy your first wrap in just a couple days!

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