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Learning Library Policies

BWI of Charlotte has a library of baby carriers and babywearing educational materials for members to borrow.   Membership consists of a $30 per year fee, $20 of which stays here with our chapter to help add carriers to the library and half goes to the national organization.  The following policies apply:

1.  Your Responsibility.  You assume the responsibility for safely using all carriers and for inspecting the stitching and fabric on all carriers to satisfy yourself that the carrier is sound and suitable for use with your child, and you assume the risk of using a carrier. Each time you borrow a carrier, you agree to indemnify and hold harmless BWI of Charlotte, its leaders and members (the “Releasees”), for any harm that may result to you or your child from the use of the carrier, including any harm allegedly resulting from the Releasees’ instruction or alleged failure to instruct.

2.  No Tobacco Smoke.  Do not expose a carrier to tobacco smoke or tobacco smoke residue.  Do not use a carrier where people are smoking, and do not store a carrier in a place where there is tobacco smoke residue, such as in a car where someone smokes.

3.  Duration of Checkout.  Checkout is for approximately one month only and is counted from one meeting to the next.  For instance, a carrier borrowed at the Babywearing Basics' meeting held on the 2nd Saturday of the month is due back by that same meeting the 2nd Saturday of the next month.  Carriers borrowed between meetings are still due back at a meetings.  Therefore the borrowing time may be less than a month. If you cannot return the item at the next month’s meeting, please return it to a leader in person or by mail. You can make arrangements to return an item by mail or in person to the leader nearest you by emailing charlotte@babywearinginternational.org. To return a carrier by mail, please use Priority Mail with delivery confirmation.  To purchase and print a Priority Mail label and get free delivery confirmation service conveniently on the internet, go to www.usps.com.  You will need to know the weight of the package, and you will need to have a credit card for payment.

4.  Late Fee.  There is a $1 per day late fee.  All late fees must be paid prior to borrowing any other carriers.  Grace periods will be extended for specific circumstances (i.e. last minute death in the family, emergency trip to the ER, etc) and is at the discretion of the leadership group. 

5.  One per Month.  In general, you may check out one carrier per month.  If you would like to check out a second carrier, you may do so at the discretion of the leaders, but only after all other library checkout has been completed at that meeting.

6.  Condition on Return.  Please return all carriers in such a condition that they are ready for the next person to check out.   This means the carrier should be reasonably clean and neatly folded.  This does not mean you necessarily have to wash the carrier.  If it is not dirty, you do not have to wash it.  If it is dirty, please wash it. If a carrier is obviously dirty, or is wadded up and generally not in ready-for-checkout condition, there is a $3 cleaning fee.

7.   Cleaning.  Never use fabric softener, bleach, or detergents with perfumes when laundering a carrier. Unless otherwise instructed, you may launder all carriers in cold water on the gentle cycle and air-dry them.  If you have questions about laundering a carrier, contact a leader by email at charlotte@babywearinginternational.org, or call Bonnie at (704) 200-1021.

8.  Harm to Carriers.  Please treat the carriers with respect.  If you ruin a carrier, you are responsible for paying the actual replacement cost of the carrier, including shipping. Using fabric softener or bleach on a wrap will be considered ruin.  The leaders in their sole discretion will determine whether a carrier is ruined.

9.  Termination of Privileges.  Violation of these policies may result in termination of a member’s borrowing privileges without a refund of dues.

Carriers are available on a first come first serve basis at meetings, so if there is something you definitely want to borrow, we recommend getting to the meeting early and filling out the Check-Out form right away.  This will ensure that no one else will borrow it, but will allow others to try on the carrier during the meeting.

As a general rule, the library is only available at scheduled meetings.  Carriers can be returned to a leader outside of meetings, upon coordination and at the leaders convenience.

The following is a list of the carriers currently in the library.  Please keep in mind that this list is not always up to date, so please feel free to contact a leader to see if a carrier is available.

North Library Wraps:
Boba Stretchy Wrap - Green
Baby K'Tan - Size Large, black
Storcheniege Anna Woven Wrap Size 6 (4.6 meters)
BBSlen Woven Wrap - Blueberry Blue, size long 6 (4.9 meters) 

North Library Slings:
Maya Wrap Ring Sling - Padded Shoulder, Medium Size, Green, Cotton
Zanytoes Ring Sling - Gathered Shoulder, Media Size, Navy, Cotton
Shiny Star Designs Wrap Conversion Ring Sling (WCRS) - Little Frog cotton/linen wrap, size large
Hot Sling Pouch Sling - Grey
Petunia Pickle Bottom Pouch Sling - Size Small, Frolicking in Fez Print
BBSlen Wrap Conversion Ring Sling - unpadded shoulder, Lotus Blue, 100% cotton 
Comfy Joey Ring Sling - gathered shoulder, black, silk
Comfy Joey Ring Sling - gathered shoulder, pink, linen

North Library Asian Style Carriers - Mei Tais (MT) and Soft Structured Carriers (SSC)
Babyhawk Mei Tai - Standard Size
Catbird Baby Mei Tai - Standard Size
BBTai Wrap Conversion Mei Tai - wrap style straps
Babyhawk Oh Snap SSC
Boba 2G SSC
Infantino Union SSC
Kinderpack SSC - Infant size with standard straps and comfort mesh
Kinderpack SSC - Standard size with standard straps
Kinderpack SSC - Toddler size with standard straps
Ergo SSC - Anniversary Edition 
Onya SSC
Tula SSC - Toddler size, grey chevron
Beco Soleil SSC
Lillebaby Complete SSC 
Lillebaby All Seasons SSC

North Library Accessories:
Ergo Heart2Heart Infant Insert
Sling Rings - various sizes and colors

South Library Wraps:
Moby Stretchy Wrap - Black
Dolcino Woven Wrap - Yellow, size 6 (4.6 meters)
Dolcino Woven Wrap - Brown, size 6 (4.6 meters)
BBSlen Woven Wrap - Blueberry Blue, size long 6 (4.9 meters) 
Girasol Woven Wrap - Harvest, size 7 (5.2 meters)

South Library Slings:
Sleepy Baby Production Ring Sling - Pleated shoulder, burgundy, cotton 
BBSlen Wrap Conversion Ring Sling - unpadded shoulder, Lotus Blue, 100% cotton 
Rockin' Baby Sling - Fan fold shoulder, flower print, cotton, size approx. medium/large
Shiny Star Designs Wrap Conversion Ring Sling (WCRS) - Little Frog cotton/linen wrap, size large
Munchkin Jelly Bean Pouch Sling - Size s/m, green flower print
Zanytoes Ring Sling - Gathered shoulder, silk green
Zanytoes Water Sling - Gathered shoulder, green
Zanytoes Ring Sling - Purple, linen (reserved for special needs family)
Comfy Joey - Gathered shoulder, gingham, linen
Comfy Joey - Gathered shoulder, black, silk

South Library Asian Style Carriers (Mei Tais and Soft Structured Carriers):
Freehand Mei Tai - Brown and pink
Babyhawk Mei Tai - standard size
Action Baby Carrier SSC - Standard size
Babyhawk Oh Mei - Half Buckle (buckle waist, tie straps)
Beco Butterfly II SSC - purple butterfly print
Boba 4G SSC - Dusk
Boba Air SSC - blue
Britax SSC
Tula SSC - Standard size, black and green print
Tula SSC - Toddler size, blue chevron
Lillebaby Everywear SSC - black
Ergo Original SSC - Anniversary Edition
Chimparoo SSC - Burgundy 
Beco Gemini SSC
Onya Outback

South Library Accessories:
Ergo Heart2Heart Infant Insert
Sling Rings - Various sizes and colors

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