Monday, May 18, 2015

Member Monday Feature: Vicki Felmet

I (Bonnie) knew Vicki's strap covers before I knew her name. In fact when she messaged the chapter's email about becoming a volunteer I wasn't even sure who she was. Then I found her on Facebook so I could add her to the volunteer group, and I was like, "OH! Hey!! You're the Boba with the Star Wars strap covers!! Of course I know you!" Since then Vicki and I have bonded over not only babywearing but our mutual love of sci-fi. I suspect that between the two of us, we have all the women's Star Wars shirts in existence and a good chunk of the men's too. Honestly, I think it's this inherent geekiness that makes her such an awesome volunteer. She knows what it's like to not quite fit in (like many of us), and she uses that to make people feel welcome and accepted for who they are.

Vicki has been a tireless volunteer for BWI Charlotte for almost a year now. She has come to meetings, greeting folks and help sign them up for membership and borrow carriers. She is always dependable and always willing to help however she can. Which is why not only is she our newest VBE (volunteer babywearing educator) but along with Stephanie, she is one of our two 2014 Volunteers of the Year. She sat down with us recently to tell us a little more about herself.

Name: Vicki Felmet

Tell us a little about your family.
We are a small family of 3, unless you count the animals then that number goes up to 9 (I'm a sucker for anything with four legs). I live in Rock Hill, SC. My husband, Brooks, is a police officer and our son, Rory, a tiny tornado. We enjoy the outdoors, video games, and crafting of all sorts. I'm usually the quiet one at the meetings with a Star Wars or Doctor Who shirt on.

How did you learn about babywearing?
An old friend of mine was getting into babywearing with her newborn and when I got pregnant I started researching EVERYTHING. I fell down the rabbit hole of DIY babywearing and my love has only grown from there.

What is your favorite carrier of all time? 
I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for our Boba.

Babywearing allows me to _________:
Stay sane. I can be there for my son without having to sacrifice getting things done.

How did you learn about BWI Charlotte? I originally joined the Columbia (SC) group on facebook and found that there was one even closer!

I love being a part of BWI Charlotte because ________:
I love babywearing and I love the friends I've made from the group. Before becoming a vbe, I routinely came to meetings just for the comradery. It's hard finding new friends as an adult and this has been a lifesaver :)

What meeting do you typically attend?
Babies'R'Us Pineville, Gingersnap Baby, and Rivergate Michaels

Do you have a favorite library carrier?
I've recently come to love the Beco Gemini. So versatile and comfortable.

You find yourself on a deserted island.  You can only have one carrier and one luxury item (hair dryer, mascara, favorite coffee cup, favorite pair of shoes, etc.).  What would they be?
A size 6 woven wrap (doubles as a hammock!) and a satellite phone.

Vicki, thank you so much for everything you do for our community!

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